Service / Installation FAQs

Do you work on non-Culligan Units?

Yes, we do. Backed by years of experience, and dedicated local water quality experts, our team supports water treatment systems of all kinds, Culligan or not. Because better water and a better life for you is our ultimate concern.

How often does my equipment need to be serviced?

With proper maintenance, a softener can last decades. But, it is recommended to have a full-service check at least once a year by your Culligan Water Expert to ensure proper functionality and service.

Our service technicians provide preventative maintenance and performance checkups to keep your cooler, softener, and drinking or filtration systems operating at peak performance.

What is included in our water system maintenance services?

Taking steps to regularly maintain the performance of your water systems helps prevent larger issues down the road and ensures everything is functioning as it should be. So, when we visit your equipment, you can expect the following to take place:

  • Check softener salt and add more if necessary
  • Inspect water flow and check for salt bridging in the tank
  • Monitor changing water hardness levels
  • Adjust regeneration frequency
  • Sanitization

How often should I replace the filters on my reverse osmosis system?

Depending on the water usage in your home, the average household should ideally replace the RO filters at least every 12 months, and no more than 18 months. This way, you guarantee the optimal effectiveness of your home water treatment system. Failure to do this would result in contaminants still being present in your drinking water.

There is brown murky water in my salt tank. Am I drinking that water?

No, this water in the salt tank is not the water you are drinking in your home. The water in your salt tank is brown and murky because of the impurities that are in the salt. This water will be disposed of and go down the drain and not into your potable water system.

If you notice other issues, like clogged valves, contact Culligan San Antonio to schedule a system maintenance service. We can ensure that your system is functioning efficiently as it should be and repair your equipment if it is needed.

How often should my salt tank be cleaned out?

We recommend cleaning your salt tank at least once every two years. Letting your tank sit uncleaned for too long can lead to clogged valves and a drop in softening performance. Cleaning the tank also helps protect the lifespan of the system and keeps your water soft, just the way you like it. 

Contact your Culligan Water Expert to schedule a service that fits your schedule.

Can my services be scheduled automatically?

Here at Culligan San Antonio, if you sign up for our service program, we can automatically enroll you in regularly scheduled service appointments. Don’t worry about remembering to schedule your regular service call. Have Culligan do it for you.

How long will the installation of my equipment take?

Timing can range depending on the home, but the average installation takes about 2 hours. Your local Culligan technician will bring all the required equipment and tools. They’ll need access to the area where the softener will be installed, as well as to the water supply’s entry point.