Common Water Problems

Water problems don’t stand a chance against Culligan

If you aren’t satisfied with your water, we can help. You and your people deserve great tasting, clean water that leaves a great taste in your mouth and a sparkle on your dishes and appliances. Our water experts can treat your problem water so you can enjoy life the way it should be. 

Here are some of the common water problems we can help you solve today with a professionally installed water softener or drinking water system.

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Hard water spots

Hard water spots on your dishes? Culligan Water is softer.

Minerals from hard water can accumulate on clothes, dishes, glassware, bathroom fixtures, and other household items. Hard water causes unnecessary wear and tear on your appliances and requires up to 8 times as much detergent or soap. With a Culligan water softener or water conditioner, you can remove hard water minerals from your water, eliminating hard water spots and scale while protecting your appliances and saving you money.

Eliminate hard water with a Culligan Water Softener

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Bad tasting or smelly water

Does your water have a bad taste or foul odor? Culligan Water tastes better.

That foul odor coming from your faucet or showerhead is caused by Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) such as manganese, iron, sulfur, and other chemicals. TDS can cause your water to smell like fish, chlorine, or rotten eggs. Culligan Water’s reverse osmosis drinking water systems, whole house carbon filters, or water conditioners will ensure you never have to take another smelly shower or drink another glass of bad tasting water again.

Enjoy the fresh taste of Culligan Water

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Excessive iron in water

Seeing stains on your drains? You need Culligan Water.

If you’re seeing rust on your appliance fixtures and drains, then the culprit is likely high iron content in your water supply. If left untreated, iron can eventually stain any surface that your water comes into contact with. It not only looks gross — it also can shorten the life of your appliances and fixtures. Our Culligan Water technicians have the equipment to prevent iron stains and save you from cleaning up the mess.

Clean up your water with Culligan

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Acid staining

Are your pipes springing leaks? Culligan Water can fix it.

Water that contains acid can leave green-blue stains on the surfaces and fixtures around your home. It can be a real hassle to clean acid stains, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Those green-blue stains are actually the result of the acid eating away at the copper in your pipes. Over time, this causes leaky, corroded pipes. Your neighborhood Culligan Water dealer has the answers you need to prevent your pipes from bursting.

Fix your pipes with Culligan Water