Over 85 Years Serving the greater San Antonio Area

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Get Cleaner, Better Water Today

Get started with a water softener and reverse osmosis system for just $1/day.

Schedule Your Free Water Test Today

Getting your water tested is key to determining your unique water problems and how we can best provide you with better, safer water at every tap.

Aquasential® - The World's Most Efficient Water Treatment

Save on your water and energy bills with the World’s Most Efficient Smart Water Treatment products

Our services

With over 80 years of water treatment experience, you can count on Culligan for superior service. Culligan offers a wide variety of services, including free water testing, water and salt delivery, regularly scheduled maintenance and equipment repairs. From monthly bottled water delivery or emergency softener repair, your local Culligan Man™ has your service needs covered.

In-home Water Testing

Don’t wonder what’s in your water; one of our licensed professionals will come to your home and perform a FREE, In-Home Water Test to find the best water treatment solutions for you and your family.

Water & Salt Delivery

Save time and energy with regularly scheduled water softener salt and bottled water deliveries. Our delivery team will even fill your salt tanks and coolers and provide a basic inspection before leaving.

Service & Repair

You can depend on Culligan for scheduled maintenance, system repairs, and emergency services. Our trained team of Service Technicians also have the ability to service and repair non-Culligan products.

Well Water Testing

Collecting a well water sample for testing isn’t as easy as turning on the tap. Well owners frequently get false positive results because they do not properly collect the sample or get it to the laboratory in the time frame required for an accurate test. Contact your local Culligan Water experts for accurate sampling and comprehensive water testing from an EPA-certified lab.

Bulk Water from Culligan of San Antonio

Whether you’re hosting a mobile car wash, filling a swimming pool, or nourishing your animals or crops, let Culligan of San Antonio help with your bulk and potable water needs.

Have an Emergency?

Reference Our Help Guide

Have questions about your water? Culligan has the solutions to your water concerns.

Give Us A Call

If you still require emergency service, please contact our emergency number.

*Please note that emergency service rates for Customer owned or rental equipment are as follows: Our regular service call rate times 1.5. This rate applies to all emergency calls. Parts are chargeable for all Customer owned equipment.